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Tina Duffney, Dipl.-Psych.

Tina Duffney,
Executive Coach & Psychotherapist

Tina Duffney is a Clinical Psychologist who was born and raised in Germany. She gained her professional psychological education and experience in Austria, Germany and Australia.

Following completion of her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in Vienna, Austria she went on to Australia where she performed neuropsychological research for an Alzheimer’s research foundation. After a year of research abroad she moved to Cologne, Germany where she completed a several year program providing licensure to practice Psychology within Germany.

After many years of private practice work in Germany, she emigrated with her family to the USA.

Tina has over 10 years experience providing therapy to a broad range of German and English speaking clients. She was working with inpatients as well as with clients in her own practice in Germany. She is also trained in Organizational and Industrial psychology and over the last few years assisted a private German company optimize their human resource using this training.

Tina enjoys utilizing her psychological expertise to provide clear, articulate and evidence-based methods in psychological matters. Her approach is always individual and client-centered. While the basis of her work is cognitive-behavioral therapy, she additionally is trained and integrates methods of EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Schema therapy.

In her clinical practice, Tina supports clients to manage mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, recovery from trauma, addiction, stress related issues or relationship conflicts. It is very important for her to create a non-judgemental and meaningful relationship with her clients, focusing on a foundation of acceptance, authenticity, empathy and mutual respect.