Avita Psycare

Nicole Trister, LMSW

Nicole Trister, Licensed Master Social Worker, received her training and degree from New York University. She previously worked as a clinical psychotherapist in various organizations, utilizing a range of evidence-based and emerging modalities, applying those successfully with a broad range of clients. From her clinical experience, she views the underlying and often unconscious wish that many people hold is to be seen and understood by those they love.

She values the fact that our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships can be both rewarding, yet also challenging and even painful. She sees many difficulties arising from the difficulties many people have connecting, both within themselves and with others. Nicole will help her clients to begin the search for their authentic, real selves.

She will work with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and embrace your “super-powers,” on the path to self-knowledge and personal resolution, and ultimately define your own path to greater happiness.

In her work, Nicole helped many clients on general life challenges as well as specific issues involving substance use disorders, issues related to indenty, gender and sexual orientation, as well as interpersonal challenges and romantic struggles. In addition to being a gifted and a caring clinician, Nicole is a life-long practitioner and a certified yoga instructor. Her ability to merge the traditional talk therapy with the ancient art of Yoga, allows her to practice holistically where the mind-body connection becomes the channel for transformation and healing. She invites all truth and health seekers to reach out for a consultation.