Avita Psycare

Lin Chen

Lin Chen, Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), obtained her graduate degree in Social Work from Hunter College and an undergraduate degree in Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of Florida. Having a deep background in design and development of information systems, Lin brings a uniquely helpful perspective to her therapy. Lin has successfully integrated her technology and psychological backgrounds both as a way to relate to other individuals working within the IT industry, and also as a way to understand the way the human mind processes information and emotions. Therapy is a unique and extremely individualized experience. Lin understands and embraces the importance of connecting with clients through her diverse professional and multicultural backgrounds, and via fluency of different languages including American English, Mandarin, & Fuzhounese.

Lin effectively creates a safe and supportive space for her clients to feel comfortable enough to shed some of the culturally-binding limits and instead courageously explore the inner-working of their own mind and human experience. Through this depth-oriented work, Lin helps guide her clients to establish a more authentic relationship to themselves, to their loved ones, to their careers, and to the society as a whole. Patients exhibiting a variety of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, to name a few, are seen and treated as whole individuals and not the symptoms that have defined their self-view. Although treating the symptoms is a part of her clinical focus, Lin is uniquely able to conduct her therapy in a holistic way, yet utilizing some of the leading edge techniques .

She is eager to collaboratively start on the journey of radical healing, and welcomes new clients to reach out to her.