Avita Psycare

Iliana Reynoso, LMHC

Iliana Reynoso is a Bilingual New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Iliana earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from CUNY Baruch as well as her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. She has experience working with children, young adults, and adults who have experienced a wide range of needs ranging from mood disorders, and addiction. Iliana believes people are inherently good and that current emotions and behaviors are triggered by a chemical imbalance, genetics, psychological and/or social factors such as a traumatic life event. As a therapist, Iliana’s approach with her clients is engaging and collaborative. Iliana believes that the therapeutic alliance is a central factor in a successful, healing journey. To do this, iliana uses a psychodynamic and a person centered approach, understanding that healing is hard work and that as a therapist she is there to provide support and work in a partnership to reach therapeutic goals. Iliana also implements cognitive behavioral techniques alongside motivational interviewing to assist clients who want to change certain behaviors related to substance abuse, anxiety and/or depression. Iliana has training in transformational chairwork based on the belief that it is healing and transformative for people to speak from their inner voices, parts, or selves and for them to enact or re-enact scenes from the past, the present, or the future.